More than just the batutay: Cabanatuan Food Trip (part 2)

After a cholesterol-rich dose of sisig and succulent lechon manok, our Cabanatuan food exploration needs some cooling down.  And what better way to end a really good meal than an extraordinarily delicious and comforting dessert, right?

Meet Puno’s Ice Cream and Sherbet—a popular brand in Cabanatuan that has actually been cooling, refreshing, and invigorating the city for over five decades now.

I’m a fan of home-made ice creams, as I find them to suit my taste better than the popular brands we normally find in the local market. “Dirty ice creams,” as they are often called, have a well-balanced sweetness into it and are in fact cheaper than the known brands.

But among all the home-made and street ice creams I have tried, Puno’s ice cream is absolutely and undoubtedly on top of my list.

Ice creams are one of the most popular comfort foods so it should be delicious and inexpensive, for that matter. And Puno’s brand lives up to that standard.

Puno’s ice cream is available in various flavors and sizes. The flavors include cheese cashew macapuno, langka cheese cashew, ube macapuno, fruit salad, cookies and cream, and chocolate with cashew. These flavors are available in one gallon, half gallon, liter, pint, and cup sizes.

One of the coolest things about Puno’s is that all of their trademark flavors are available in affordable cup sizes so you can enjoy the different flavors without having to spend too much. For only P10.00 to 12.00 per cup, you can actually try two, three, or even six cups depending on your preference and stomach capacity. As someone who has tried five of the six flavors, I’d say you wouldn’t be disappointed on trying them all. The flavors here are not just for labeling: it actually tastes like what it says it is.

Must tries are the cheese cashew macapuno and langka cheese cashew. These flavors are very creamy, very cheesy, and very delicious, with the cashew nut bits adding a chewy dimension to that ice cream experience.  Their versions of the traditional favorites like fruit salad, cookies and cream, and chocolate with cashew are equally delicious as well.

So if you happen to drop by this hot region of Central Luzon, make sure to cool down at Cabanatuan and grab a taste of these delightfully delectable ice cream flavors filled with the home-made goodness that only Puno’s could offer.

We availed our Puno’s ice cream at an ice cream and yogurt bar called Yogurt Tree along Maharlika Highway at Cabanatuan City.

For their other branches, visit Puno’s Facebook account.

—mr. eaturista—